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Bandeau BuzzRack
Buzzrack : Porte-vélo
Bandeau 29BT
29BT : Outillages vélos - entretien et réparations
Bandeau Pump-In
Pump-In : Mini compresseurs
Bandeau Storag
Storag : Solutions de stockage et rangement
Bandeau E-Bike
Bandeau 9ws
9WS : Accessoires Surf et Paddle
Bandeau Roony
Roony - Accessoires pour chiens

PROakcess' vocation is to develop accessories for sports, mobility, cars and vehicles in general.

We seek to be innovative and favour the shortest possible distribution channel in order to deliver our customers as quickly as possible and at the best possible cost.


PROakcess sprl is based in the logistic area of Tournai West.

The location is strategic to deliver quickly to regular customers, in particular, French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourgish.
But we also deliver in a few days to other EEC countries.

You can download our App on the App Store

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